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The Irrelevancy of the Presidency



by Connie Cook Smith


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Khalid Mohammed is the one responsible for ALL the horrible things.  I'll bet he even killed Princess Diana and caused George Bush to choke on a pretzel!


"In his rambling statement..."  Rambling, no kidding?  After all this time in custody, being drugged and tortured -- which everyone now knows is US policy -- this guy's confession of guilt for absolutely everything is somehow rambling??  Gosh, I hope he didn't leave out anything that they told him to say. 




Snort!  This is nothing but a desperate and childish administration attempt to make disappear the tidal wave of questions -- hundreds of legitimate questions -- about how all U.S. defenses could have been bypassed on 9/11 without inside help. 


And no doubt a lot of footage from the World Trade Center that day -- which has surfaced on YouTube and Google videos -- has the real perpetrators (perp-e-traitors) in an absolute panic.  


(Sue YouTube for $1 billion anyone, such as Viacom is doing?  Corporate creatures wanting to bankrupt YouTube and take down all the evidence?) 


There are no longer ANY questions about the numerous explosions in the towers that reduced them, and the people, to fine dust.  And now you can see and hear the blasts on the video clips! (Link below.)  Structurally and fire-wise, the planes barely made a dent.  Footage now proves it was bombs, bombs, bombs (controlled demolition), obviously planted in advance.


(Too bad the government didn't say Al Qaeda did that, from the get-go.  Now they're stuck with explaining why they've covered up all the detonations for nearly 6 years! )


Oh, but no, they say.  Don't go there!  Look here!  Look at this disheveled, rambling 9/11 "mastermind" we've dragged out for you -- a guy that probably couldn't even plan his lunch!  If Americans have gotten dumbed-down enough to believe this, there is just no hope.


And by all means, DON'T look at Dov Zakheim, an Israeli in American government who has been driving US policy for 25 years.  He was comptroller at the Pentagon when it was announced he'd "lost track of" $2.3 trillion taxpayer dollars!  This was announced on 9/10/01, though.  Looks like he and mouthpiece Rumsfeld somehow knew after next day -- 9/11-- nobody would remember that.


Well, we do remember.  And speculation is that all that American money went to Israel, which has LONG been doing spying (there are convictions!) and thievery in the United States.  Some "friend" !


Here you can hear, practically FEEL, the huge blasts that occurred inside the towers!  Tell everybody!


And for a good laugh, read CNN's pathetic attempt below to tell the public "who did it" !


Connie Cook Smith 


From Mike Mount


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told a U.S. military tribunal he personally beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002, the Pentagon revealed Thursday.

"I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan," said a Pentagon transcript of Saturday's hearing. "For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head."

The admission was part of testimony that was originally removed from a Pentagon transcript of Mohammed's tribunal at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He also said he was the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001, attacks.

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z," Mohammed said through a military representative.

During the hearing, Mohammed also acknowledged he planned, financed or ran training for a catalogue of high-profile terrorist attacks, including operations to assassinate several U.S. presidents and to destroy world-famous landmarks...

The Emperor’s Plane Is Very Smartly Dressed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon on Tuesday released the first video images of the emperor’s plane crashing into the military headquarters building in full regalia.

The images, recorded by Pentagon security cameras outside the building, were made public in response to a December 2004 Freedom of Disinformation Act request by Sartorial Watch, a public interest group whose motto is “let’s put some teeth in fashion law.” Some still images from the video, which a few crazy conspiracy theorists had employed to argue that the plane was naked, had previously been leaked and publicly circulated.

The airplane is smartly dressed in a classic black-and-white tuxedo and specially tailored chartreuse matador pants as it crashes into the Pentagon at ground level. Almost instantly a magnificent white flash and a huge orange fireball appear on the video, followed by a tower of gray-black smoke, as the audience breaks into sustained applause. The groundswell of wild cheering following the plane’s magnificent entrance leaves no doubt that the audience had witnessed a glorious display of sartorial splendor, as eyewitness accounts by military-industrial-complex drones had already amply confirmed.

Traveling at an estimated 350 mph to the tune of Strauss’s The Blue Danube Waltz, the emperor’s plane is seen wearing a magnificent royal purple bow tie beneath its windshield, while a black beret perched smartly above the cockpit gives the Boeing airliner a jaunty “je ne sais quoi” look. The perfectly-tailored tuxedo clings alluringly to the muscular contours of the plane’s fuselage, providing a striking accent to the white silk sleeves around the giant airliner’s wings.

The video’s release was intended to quell obscene speculations by conspiracy theorists, who are obsessed by perverted fantasies about the plane’s alleged nudity. One such lunatic was reported to have greeted the video by remarking, “Clothes, hell! I don’t even see an airliner!” before being hauled away by Homeland Insecurity agents.

Osama Bin Laden, who is said to be devouring William Blum books in his cave in Afghanistan, could not be reached for comment.

Cheney Cancels Chicago Terror Attack

Says Sears Tower Demolition "Way Too Obvious," Shoots Silverstein in Face

by PFC Khadir McTeague, Ghost Troop


Cheney Displays Weapon Used in Silverstein Shooting


Larry Silverstein, WTC Demolisher and proud new owner of the Sears Tower


Vice President Dick Cheney has canceled a scheduled terrorist attack on Chicago, criticizing the plan as "way too obvious, you loose-lipped asshole" before shooting co-conspirator Larry Silverstein in the face.

Silverstein, the confessed WTC-7 demolisher who bought the Sears Tower with his multi-billion-dollar World Trade Center insurance windfall, was reported in stable condition at Chicago's Our Lady of the Fatimids Hospital.

Official sources report that Cheney was upset that Silverstein had revealed too much about the impending attack by unsuccessfully demanding an "eleventy-billion gazillion dollar terrorist insurance policy" for the Sears Tower from Lloyds of London, with "a super-duper jackpot worth a quadrillion times that much" in case the attacks occur in the 60606 zip code area on either 5/6/06 or 6/6/06. A Lloyds spokesperson refused to comment on the report.

The terrorist attack had been set to piggyback on a massive three-stage terror drill scheduled to take place in Chicago from Tuesday, May 2nd through Thursday, May 4th, 2006. That exercise, according to military and police whistleblowers, will simulate a biological attack, a dirty bomb explosion, and a building collapse. The building collapse part of the drill had been scheduled to "go live" with the destruction of the Sears Tower by a tactical nuclear weapon, to be blamed on al-Qaida terrorists linked to the Iranian government.

The plan followed those of previous "al-Qaida" attacks, which also piggybacked on official "terror drills" and war games. A massive bio-terror exercise called Tripod 2 brought Federal "Terror Management" teams to New York just in time for the attacks of September 11th, 2001, while at least five war games and terror exercises, including one live-fly "hijacked plane hits building" drill, were being commanded by Dick Cheney on the morning of 9/11/01. Likewise, the London attacks of 7/7/2005 just happened to perfectly coincide with an anti-terror exercise that simulated bombs going off at exactly the same times and places the real bombs went off, according to the head of a subcontractor for the terror drill, Peter Power of Visor Consultants. Terror "exercises" allow government "rogue network" perpetrators to conceal their preparations for false-flag terror attacks, according to analyst Webster Tarpley and others.

The Sears Tower demolition would have provided the perfect pretext for Cheney's "nuke Iran" scenario. So why did Silverstein slip up?

Sources close to the Vice President's office report that Cheney believes Silverstein has literally "blown" much of his WTC windfall on cocaine, and that binge-snorting explains Silverstein's self-incriminating outbursts. "When Larry's nose goes into action his mouth goes into overdrive," a Cheney staffer reported. Another source stated that Silverstein's nationally televised confession that he and unknown others had "decided to pull" World Trade Center Building 7, and then "watched it come down," was made after a three day White House bedroom binge with President Bush and call-boy "journalist" Jeff Gannon.

Though kept secret for two days, officials finally acknowledged that the Silverstein shooting occurred during a Vice Presidential rat-hunting trip in the Chicago River Wilderness Area beneath downtown Chicago. Secret Service agents stated that Cheney was aiming at a swimming sewer-rat but somehow accidently shot Silverstein, who was standing about 100 feet away, tearing up the left side of Silverstein's face with a tight pattern of shotgun pellets.

The late Osama Bin Laden, who would have been blamed for the Sears Tower attack, could not be reached for comment.


9/11 is Already the Worst Movie Ever Made

Hollywood recently announced a barrage of 9/11 movie projects--as if the original cheesy disaster film, somehow marketed to the American people as an actual attack by foreign terrorists, weren't enough.

In Gravity's Rainbow , Thomas Pynchon takes us from World War II to the end of the world by way of Hollywood film references. Pynchon's insight--that we're living in a bad movie about the end of the world-- seems as applicable to Bush's Reign of Terror as it was to the World War II - Cold War period Pynchon wrote about. So I hope my Broadway play-in-progress, entitled 9/11: The Musical Comedy , somehow makes the transition to the silver screen as effectively as Springtime for Hitler did in Mel Brooks' The Producers . (I wonder if Brooks' producers, those experts at turning massive disasters into even more massive successes, were responsible for that even more wildly successful disaster, the "New Pearl Harbor" of 9/11. Come to think of it, wasn't confessed insurance-fraudster and WTC-demolisher Larry Silverstein one of the producers in Brooks' film? Or does life just continue to imitate art, as fiction and history keep repeating themselves first as farce, then as tragedy, then as tragic farce, farcical tragedy, and God knows what next?)

Here is the theme song from 9/11: The Musical Comedy :

Usama the Magical Ay-Rab

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Lives in a cave far away
Eats little Amerikkins for breakfast
Sure hope you don't get in his way

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Has a magic dialysis machine
It works without electricity
And keeps his bloodstream clean

So hooray for Usama Bin Laden
He's long tall handsome strong and brave
His four bitchin' wives
All fear for their lives
When he takes turns with them deep in his cave
(barbershop quartet style harmony echoes: "deeeeep innn his caaaaaaave")

Usama the magical Ay-rab
Flew his magic carpet to Dubai
Got treated in the American Hospital
And met the CIA back in July...2001...two months before 9/11

Then Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Kept our whole Air Force on the ground
Except the magic plane that hit the Pentagon
And the one that shot Flight 93 down

(repeat chorus)

Usama the Magical Ay-rab
Knocks down tall buildings with a single bound
Fires his missiles deep into our Pentagon
And keeps our fighter planes down on the ground
(how? it's magic!)
Usama the Magical Ay-Rab
Hates our freedoms and took them away
I still can't figure out just how he did it
It must have been Usama's magic day

(final chorus)
So hooray for Usama Bin Laden
He's long tall handsome strong and brave
His four bitchin' wives
Need not fear for their lives
Because he runs the world from his cave
(barbershop quartet style harmony echoes: "frrrrommm... deeeeep...innn...his... caaaaaaave")

And speaking of 9/11 as theater-of-the-absurd...

The blond California al-Qaida kid threatening LA and Melbourne-- Melbourne!! --with a histrionic finger-across-the-throat gesture and mangled Islam-speak is beyond hilarious. Somebody should hire that kid for a remake of Penelope Spheris's punk rockumentary The Decline of Western Civilization . This time it will star a bunch of blond jihadi teens with safety pins through their noses and mohawks sticking up through their turbans screaming "get ready for the wrath of Allah, dude!" over the wail of electric guitars.

But seriously: So much of the "terror threat" footage we've seen is SOOOOO bad. Even their best special-effects effort, the live-on-camera controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, turned out to be almost as cheesy as one of those old sci-fi films where you can see the string dangling from the monster's jaws. The use of explosives was way too obvious, and the whole "19-Muslim hijackers" story turned out to be an absurdly improbable B-movie script at best--hardly worthy of that bestselling work of pulp fiction, novelist Phil Zelikow's grippingly imaginative page-turner The 9/11 Commission Report .

And if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out Paul Thompson's The Terror Timeline on the "arrest footage" of Khalid Shaikh Mohamad or "KLM", the alleged 9/11 mastermind whose "confessions"--whether extracted under torture, or scripted for his job as a CIA asset--were virtually the only source for the "19 hijackers" legend of the Zelikow Report. When they showed the film of KLM's alleged arrest to an audience of journalists the whole room erupted in laughter at the ineptly-done "reconstruction" being presented as actual arrest footage. (Thompson has archived mainstream media stories about the journalists' hilarity in the face of the KLM-arrest-film hoax, alongside other mainstream stories suggesting that the KLM arrest never took place.)

Then there's the Disneyland vacation footage used to convict some Arab-American "terrorists", as seen on the BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares . Check out the scene where the camera pans from a roller coaster to Mickey Mouse, passing by one of Disneyland's ubiquitous trash cans. The prosecutor/narrator says "it is believed that the terrorists were scouting trash cans as possible bomb locations." Never mind that the whole video is just typical Disneyland vacation footage given a sinister spin by a paranoid-lunatic narrator, turning this innocent family-vacation video into an unwitting surrealist classic: "Welcome to Terrorland--The Disney Version!"

And how about that stand-in stunt man known as "Fatty Bin Laden"--the actor we are supposed to mistake for the terminal kidney patient living in a cave for several months who somehow gained 40 or 50 pounds and radically changed his facial features as he "confesses" to 9/11 in ultra-grainy, low-sound-quality footage?

But for the ultimate 9/11 cheap thrill film segment, somebody should add a laugh track to Larry Silverstein's confession that he and his colleagues pulled WTC-7 and watched it come down: Larry delivers his confession, canned laughter erupts, and we see WTC-7 undergoing controlled demolition in slow motion as the laughter gets more and more hysterical.

In short, somebody--perhaps a Michael Moore who's grown some guts rather than a gut--should collect all the worst "war on terror" footage and make the Reefer Madness of the 21st century: A film to keep midnight moviegoers rolling in the aisles for the duration of the 9/11-inaugurated "war that will not end in our lifetimes." Call it Mondo Terror . We can pitch it to Hollywood as the BBC's The Power of Nightmares redone by the Mondo Cane film crew.

'Conspiracy Theorist' Asserts: Bush and Cheney are Death Lizards from Outer Space!!!

Now it can be told: Bush and Cheney are not human beings at all, but death lizards from outer space.

I realize that this is a bold assertion, and that it will probably elicit a degree of skepticism. Nonetheless I think this is a time for bold assertions. Our planet, after all, is under attack by extraterrestrial death lizards, and they have taken over the White House. So this is no time for cautious, measured statements and appeals to pure sweet reason.

This I know from hard experience. I have been championing the cautious, measured statements and appeals to pure sweet reason of the likes of David Griffin and Nafeez Ahmed for almost two years. Before I get into the alien death lizards thing, I guess I had better explain who Griffin and Ahmed are, for the benefit of those who have spent the past two years on the Planet of the Death Lizards, or on the even more distant and desolate planet of the American corporate media. David Griffin is one of America's most eminent Christian theologians, and he has recently published two books marshalling the abundant evidence that 9/11 was an inside job: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 , and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. Nafeez Ahmed is the brilliant young British scholar whose pathbreaking The War on Freedom convinced Gore Vidal that 9/11 was an inside job, and became Griffin's most important source for The New Pearl Harbor. Ahmed's new book The War on Truth goes on to show, with its formidable scholarly apparatus, that the whole specter of “Islamic Terrorism” is an illusion woven by Western intelligence agencies and their client-state proxies—the same conclusion reached by the recent BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares .

Griffin and Ahmed show, in clear, measured, scholarly fashion, that the official “19 hijackers” conspiracy theory of 9/11 is untenable, and that the alternative explanation that best fits the facts is that 9/11 was arranged by elements of the US intelligence apparatus, presumably acting at the behest of the US high command—namely George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. The presumable motive: To double the military budget overnight, increase the power of the executive branch, quash domestic dissent, and launch “the war that will not end in our lifetimes.”

After two years of promoting the books of Griffin and Ahmed, I have discovered that there is a limited audience for a rational, factual discussion of 9/11. Even those who accept the fairly obvious conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job often seem to prefer a more excited and imaginative prose style. As for those who do not accept that conclusion—in virtually all cases due to an emotionally-charged refusal to consider the evidence—they are addicted to an even more hysterical prose style driven by the paranoid delusion that a secret army of evil “Muslim extremists” is conspiring to wreak mayhem by randomly blowing things up.

The lesson here is that paranoid hysteria sells, while lucid reality-based analysis does not. Since I have a living to make, and children to feed, I have decided to leave reality-based conspiracy theory behind, and strike out boldly where no theorist has gone before: to the planet of the spacefaring death lizards.

But wait a moment, you ask. Just how do I know that Bush and Cheney are death lizards in disguise?

Because my wife says so, that's why. She has been telling me for years that George W. Bush is obviously an alien. His awkward artificial mannerisms, his peculiar mangling of the English language, his emotional insensitivity that borders on utter cluelessness—these are all signs, my wife says, that this guy does not possess a brain with the normal Chomskyan linguistic deep structure, not to mention the emotional-intelligence deep structure, common to all human beings. Instead, he seems vaguely reptilian—cruel, scaly and manipulative behind those dull, beady little eyes.

For years—I admit it—I did not listen to my wife. Indeed, I scoffed at her whenever she pointed out Bush's nonhuman characteristics. I told her that Bush was just a deeply disturbed, borderline-psychopathic rich kid in the throes of a really bad dry-drunk syndrome made worse by coke withdrawal. “No—he's an alien” was her invariable reply. For years neither one of us could convince the other. Then last year, during Bush's first debate with John Kerry, I watched in horror as the Lizard-in-Chief's left lower lip drooped halfway to the floor, twitching convulsively as the mannikin uttered clumsily alien words beamed through a highly visible remote control unit on its back. After witnessing that bizarre performance I could no longer deny it. Something was terribly the matter with the alleged humanoid in the Oval Office.

Then, while watching Cheney debate Edwards, I noticed that that the “Vice President” displayed some of the same non-human characteristics. Cheney's left lower lip corner, like Bush's, kept drooping downward and twitching spastically as cold, scaly, programmed words were emitted from the Cheney-creature's buccal orifice. Every pore of its body urged icy aggression; if it were capable of anything resembling emotion, it would be sheer contempt. Not the faintest shred of human warmth could be detected in its words, gestures, or bearing.

Suddenly it hit me: These guys were pursuing inhuman policies...because they were inhuman! My wife was right! (Not, she reminded me, for the first time.)

Only inhuman death lizards would spread death and destruction across the planet the way these guys have. Only inhuman death lizards would systematically loot and pillage the meager resources of ordinary Americans for the benefit of the super-rich. Only inhuman death lizards would dare destroy the US Constitution from within. Only inhuman death lizards would slaughter almost 3,000 Americans in a fake terrorist attack designed to trigger religious hatred and mass murder.

After doing some quick research on the intergalactic internet, I discovered that the death lizards have a long and sorry history of wreaking havoc, both on their own planet and on those of other sentient life forms. They are cold, clever, aggressive, and exceedingly manipulative. Though unable to effectively communicate with warm, emotional, empathetic/intuitive mammalian creatures like ourselves, they have learned to manipulate us by mimicking our linguistic-emotional behavior. To this end they have entered into a symbiotic relationship with the venomous slime-toads of Wartron-B, who emit a viscous verbal miasma that paralyzes, hypnotizes, and finally devours the brains of its mammalian victims. (“Karl Rove” is in fact one of these venomous slime-toads.)

So that's what we're up against. It isn't a pretty picture. But the good news is that they can be beaten.

The most beautiful love-and-gnosis-driven planets of the Intergalactic Federation have all survived the onslaught of the death lizards and slime-toads. How? By uniting as one planet under the stewardship of the local sentient species. The arrival of the death-lizards and slime-toads, like the coming of the devilish-looking aliens in Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End , signals that a new era has dawned, and the planet's final exam is at hand. It is time for human beings to unite as one sentient species, the divinely-appointed stewards of planet Earth, and drive these scaly imposters out of the White House and back to the reptile-planet from whence they came.




Joe Friendly's "Truth for a Change"


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