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Wake Up and Smell the Terrorists They're HERE!

by Connie Cook Smith


Thousands of researchers, authors, and activists already know it.  Hundreds of former military and administration officials are proclaiming it.  Numerous reputable scientists are demonstrating it. 


At least two FBI agents tried to stop it.  Another FBI employee claims that "certain elected officials will stand trial and go to prison" for it.  Now it only remains for the American public to get a clue and get on board with it.


What is it?  The overwhelming evidence that prominent American leaders, who have risen through our government for years and years, are the ones who masterminded the September 11th attacks -- to plunge us into fear and submission at home -- to enrage us into war and plunder abroad.  And it worked.


It's not the first time.  But it is the worst time.  And I believe it is the duty and responsibility of every American with a brain and a heart to stop enabling our in-house terrorists.  It was a BIG CLUE when Karl Rove was featured in a December 2001 Time Magazine article, looking on as thousands of flag-waving Americans wildly worshipped George Bush at Yankee Stadium, and remarked with smug satisfaction, "It looks just like a Nazi rally!"


Yes, it's common knowledge that before Nazi Germany was revealed as the hell-hole of evil it became, it was the "good Germans" who allowed it.  It was the good citizens' fear and anger at their Reichstag parliament attack that enabled Adolf to lead them into oppression at home and aggression abroad.  


Well-informed Americans KNOW that the Patriot Act is creating oppression at home, and that the Iraq war is not "democracy" but outright occupation abroad.  And like the Reichstag fire, there is abundant evidence from reputable scientists and military and former administration officials -- now presented in frequent conferences all over the United States -- that the WTC and Pentagon attacks were inside jobs as well.


It's time to make a choice to be well-informed and responsible Americans, or to go along like "good Germans" and just flag-wave and cheer on George Bush.  Like his minion Karl Rove, with total contempt for American values, Dubya has admitted he would like a dictatorship, "as long as I'm the dictator."


For a country that claims to be Christian, it is mystifying how blind we can be to the reality of Evil.  An alarm should have gone off in everyone's mind when the monstrous BTK serial killer was revealed as a life-long nice guy who was his church president, was tender with his wife and children, and never passed up an opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ.


We have been given the clearest evidence that evil men and women do indeed exist, that their charm and their proclaimed values are totally phony, that good people are utterly deceived, and that behind these fakers' grins and smirks is the capacity for horrendous acts against one person, or against many.


I am NOT claiming the Bush family masterminded 9/11.  I frankly don't think they are that bright.  But they have a long history of going along with evil, of profiting from it, and enjoying it. 


Their three-generation membership in Skull & Bones, for example -- that's not exactly the Rotary Club, is it?  Their logo is the same as pirates, who enjoy looting and killing.  Their logo is the same as the insignia on Nazi officers' caps, who enjoyed looting and killing.  Their initiation ceremonies are homo-erotic romps in mud-filled coffins -- not exactly the "traditional values" of Dobson and Falwell, who have the outright gall to hypocritically support them.


It was a sign of how foolish Americans can be when the '04 Democratic nomination suddenly was swung over to John Kerry, who is also a Bonesman.  The fix was in.  Kerry has done some admirable things, but his Senate investigations always stop just short of exposing who and what we really need to know.  Like the Bushes, he goes along to get along.  And like them, he gets along quite well -- while the American people go progressively down the tubes.


How obtuse and careless can we be?  It was reported in Newsweek and the Washington Post that Jonathan Bush, Dubya's uncle, was president and CEO of Riggs Investment Management Company in 2000, and that Riggs Bank was fined $25 million in 2004 for violating regulations that indicate terrorist money-laundering.  But we don't get to see exactly what the investigation revealed, because the Bush administration classified it as "national security."  More like "cover-Bushes-behinds' " security. 


And verifiable facts were widely circulated on the Internet about Dubya's brother Marvin Bush and his electronic security company, which controlled security (or purposely lapsed it?) for one of the airlines that was hijacked --AND was responsible for security at the World Trade Center -- "up until the day the buildings fell down" !   Hello!  Here are the facts, at


Even though it was back in 1992, George Bush Sr's off-hand comment to reporter Sarah McClendon -- which, thankfully, she reported -- really makes sense.  He said, "Yeah, Sarah, if they ever find out what we've done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us."  Followed by the characteristic Bush-family smirk, and oh yes, nice-guy charm.


But this is consistent with the Bush family's false front on equality, democracy.  As a House Representative, Bush Sr. is in the Congressional Record on September 4, 1969 -- barely a year after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated -- as saying that African-Americans are "down-breeding the quality of the U.S. population," and advocating a program of "voluntary sterilization."


And of course, THIS is consistent with his father Prescott Bush, and father-in-law George Herbert Walker, who got their wrists slapped by Congress in October of 1942, BECAUSE their Union Banking Corporation had been financing Nazi Germany for over a decade.  I mean, really, where did a poor boy like Adolf get all those spiffy, terrifying uniforms, guns, aviation fuel, and more! 

No less than the US Ambassador to Germany acknowledged this in 1937. In William E. Dodd's memoirs, he recalled his alarm:

"A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there."

It's just a fact, folks, that Bushes and DuPonts and Fords and Harrimans and Rockefellers and Morgans and many more illustrious American families have a long history of belief in their Master Race-like "inherent superiority," and they only spout slogans like "freedom and democracy" to get us to bleed and die in their profitable wars.  Their children, like the Bush twins, don't serve.  When Bush Sr. served, witnesses say he bailed out and let his crewmen die.  (Chase him and lynch him, anyone?  It was his idea.)


For more information on exactly who were/who are the internal enemies of America and humanity, there's a 1973 book that has become so rare (although it was widely available 20 years ago) that owners of it are offering it for as low as $200 and as high as $800: "The Plot to Seize the White House," by Jules Archer. 


Miraculously, the entire book is preserved online.  It's at: all 256 pages of it!


A History Channel program on it has been produced, although it sends mixed messages about the plot's authenticity, citing "rumors."  (However, the plot is factually indisputable.)


The point is, those ruling families then are the ruling families of today, and with 9/11, they are up to their old tricks.  It's time to wake up and smell the terrorists, people -- they are HERE. 


"Muslim fundamentalists" would never do something to cause the mighty U.S. military to invade their lands!  They've been set up -- just as bad as we have -- to suffer under a totally un-American, worldwide agenda, under which we're all ruled and wrecked by the "inherently superior." 


In the U.S., their private ownership of our central bank -- deceptively named the "Federal" Reserve -- has practically accomplished our debt-slavery already.


It's time to read up, learn the truth, and find out what you can do about it.  This one website can lead you to all the rest.  Left-hand column summarizes everything.  Don't say you weren't warned.


Connie Cook Smith





This man has been very powerful in the U.S. government for a long time.   

He was co-author of the PNAC paper that hypothesized the need for "a new Pearl Harbor." 

He lost trillions of dollars at the Dept. of Defense in 2002, and then resigned.   

He's involved with technology that overrides systems on airliners -- that can make, for example, the "we've been hijacked" code inoperable.


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