A Holistic Common Sense Structure for the Liberation of All without War Through the New Foundation for the New World Vision

Humans * Animals * Environment * A Unity in Diversity Honoring the Truth of The Oneness  of All Life through Compassion, Humanity , Equality, Prosperity and Respect

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A New World in This Generation
 for the Next 7 Generations

The Planetization Structure, Blueprint and Plan Provides
 the New Coordinates and Scaffold to Change the World


It's a Planet, Not an Ugly Empire

The Irrelevancy of the Presidency

Revving Up the Global Planetary Coordinates
for System Restructuring

The New Glory Peace Vision Flag

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The New Glory flag is the extension and essence of the 364 page inspired work, Planetization, the Other Kind of Globalization (drawn from its original two volumes entitled, The Spiritual Manifesto, Reclaiming Our Soul) which picks up the great work of the American Founding to once again lay the coordinates for a world without the necessity of war and return us to our cosmic pathway of Oneness and Humanity.


Through the colors of Red, White and Blue, the American flag (Old Glory) is reborn in the right way, in line with its Founding, and through the conceptual coordinates on the flag is America and the world fulfilled in its rightful destiny on the Planet through undisturbed life, liberty and happiness for all.


When the Earth is living through the structural and Planetary blueprint of “Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, Justice, Love” where each is the other in an indivisible Whole, then it will draw to itself heaven’s own bird of peace in an eternal and sacred union – our New Glory.


When the early space astronauts said that when they viewed the Earth from above in outer space and saw no borders they felt a sacredness with the Earth.  That conceptual idea of the Earth from humans from afar is once again brought into our vision with the words, “One Earth.”   Following that true concept is “One Human Nation” which allows us to transcend the notion of “nationality” so that we may come back to the Source of our Humanity as our true and authentic state (surpassing the limited and limiting “nation-state”).


Free At Last” is of course the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. which is from his “I Have a Dream” speech.  These words were in turn taken from an old Negro spiritual, and it is through that feeling, that concept, that experience where the black man became liberated from his chains and his oppression that it is brought forward where America and the world can be the dream that it is meant to be.


O, yes, I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath-
America will be!



Fly New Glory to manifest The Dream for all.



Heart Power!




Fly the Vibe!


A blueprint and plan for a Holistic planetary thought structure was inspired in the mid 90s for a positive unification of Humanity which was in line with Evolution.


The inspired work for the Planet also extended itself into a new Planetary flag that captured the quantum coordinates for a world of peace, joy, evolution, learning and love for all members of the Human Race beyond the notion of borders. 


Through a serendipitous occurrence it was also discovered of late that the flag had a miraculous, instantaneous and supportive effect of uplifting BOTH the inner and outer environments of where it was placed.  (See below.)


Upon learning of this delightful effect, a “New Vision Peace Project” has presented itself that will give people the  opportunity to not only obtain the flag for themselves, but to also “roll the effect” right through the world where calls for peace exist, and have been through history, starting with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


It is envisaged that the “New Glory” flag will be presented to an individual or organization in every country, and ultimately city of the world so that the Planet may experience a stable, synchronistic effect throughout all corners of the globe to the higher, Holistic vibration that will assist in birthing the new world of the universal peace (humans-animals-environment-ETs) with ease.


The opportunity has arisen to embrace all for a new beginning on our Planet.  At the same time, The New Vision Peace Project is a totally new possibility to combine on the ground peace activism with human spirituality and the laws of quantum physics.  It invites your part-icipation to heighten the resonance of PEACE into all four corners of the globe. 



In Conjunction with Soulutions

  How Does it Get Any Better Than This?


At the same time, the reality on the flag is our ideal and is reached through the inspired, written blueprint and plan called "Planetization" which culminates into the Foundation for the New World Vision or the New United Nations of the Peoples of the Earth to be built with the proceeds from the New Vision Peace Project where we rectify our world and build it right with respect, health, healing, prosperity and harmony for all now and for our future generations.


As a CLEAR CHOICE, Planetization is the new planetary concept and alternate pathway for a better, kinder, gentler global structure for the Planet that represents humanity’s and the Planet’s interest.  It captures all life—animal-human-environmental—on the Planet as an integrated whole.  That Whole draws from the infinite nature of our higher selves where we are helping all and harming none.  Essentially it offers the alternate vision to war, and the corporatized, militarized New World Order that has unthoughtfully and in error turned humanity’s values inside out.  As we turn the System right side up, where essentially, people and all life on the Planet are before profits along with the economic well being of all, we see a new world – whole, unified, abundant, evolving, free, prosperous and intact. Through Planetization, a way has been created for the will of the people to once and for all as a single voice turn swords into ploughshares and to pursue the rightful interests of humanity with a hug for all -- yes all!



The Borderless Flag








 We Only Have One



The below are fantastic testimonials and accounts of how the New Glory Flag personally affected the individuals who own one.  If you ever wondered what it is like to be touched by a Higher force, this will do it.  A little magicor Magi and the guiding star?in our world at last!


Since receiving the New Glory Flag and displaying it upon a wall of our bedroom, my husband and I have found that we more readily practice the positive consciousness ideas that we've long been attracted to.  And results in our lives are profoundly changing!


We've known for many years that "what you put out is what you get back," but the ruts and grooves of the doubts and fears with which we were raised have always tended to prevail.  But since the beauty of New Glory Flag has "taken over" the sacred space of our bedroom, over the past six months we have been much more enthusiastic about practicing positive outcomes -- and some amazing positive outcomes have been occurring!


Our challenges have not lessened, but our ability to respond powerfully and positively has quantitatively increased.  And the mixed and rather weary results we used to get have transformed into some highly unlikely and very joyous successes!


There is just no question that this Flag has powerfully supported and enhanced a new level of consciousness that we've long desired to achieve. 


Until the day comes when this grand icon of peace and power is flying from every flagpole, it ought to meanwhile be blessing every home with its goodness and beauty and energy!



Connie and Mark Smith

Canton, Illinois USA


When I placed the New Glory flag on a hall wall (spread out like a banner) facing the outside entrance to my house, I noticed a refreshing harmony within my family that was not there before.


I draped the New Glory flag across the back of my couch when my friends came over.  When I asked them how they felt when they were getting up to go, they said they felt tremendously energized with positive feelings.  One of them said that the pain she was experiencing in one leg had disappeared.


I take the New Glory flag to meditation circles and drape it across myself and feel tremendously energized and empowered.


I wanted to know what all this phenomena was with the flag so I literally, wrapped it around myself while meditating to get an inner, "look see" feel, and not long into the meditation, one of my feet lifted off the ground for a split second.  It felt it was about six inches off the ground!  Confirmation received.  The flag is energetically uplifting and will supercharge all positive actions!


The New Glory flag was draped on top of my bed and my young daughter came to it and lay under it and she remarked to me that she felt it to be very, very warm.  I myself felt Love and Peace and beautifully tranquil.


I did indeed feel a glow after we got the Flag -- more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than in a long time!  More motivated!  Less bogged down!  For the first time also, I began to see exactly how I could feel thanks to [a difficult person who is close to me] for what I've learned! 


Thank you for this INSPIRING flag!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 




Create the Resonance:  The New Glory Peace Flag into Every City, Country and Island of the World

Sponsor Your Planet with the New Glory Peace Vision Flag Made with Non-Slave Labor Hands.  The New Vision Peace Project is A Totally Non-Profit Adventure

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    The Beautiful High Vibration New Glory Flag Along with the Extraordinary Planetization Book are Available as a Package for $100.00

The New Glory Flag is made of quality cloth, 100% woven polyester, heavy duty and color-fast durable for outdoor use.  Earth is in full color using 4-color process.  The New Glory Peace Vision flag measures
 6 feet by 3 feet.


IMAGINE a planet-wide system built for PERPETUAL PEACE, and no longer for PERPETUAL WAR

PLANETIZATION is that system


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