A Holistic Common Sense Structure for the Liberation of All without War Through the New Foundation for the New World Vision

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A New World in This Generation
 for the Next 7 Generations

The Planetization Structure, Blueprint and Plan Provides
 the New Coordinates and Scaffold to Change the World

In The Gap Between Separation and Unity

1.  Where's the Peace? by Tholana Ashok Chakravathy

2.  One Desire by Tina Louise


3.  All God's Names by Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt     

4.  Is There a Dawn to Unfurl a New Vision? by Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy 

1)  Where's the Peace?

We all aspire for universal peace
Mother earth, the goddess of peace
Crave for peace, peace, peace
But, where's the peace?

Every heart has a vision of peace
Every soul incline towards a ray of peace
But a veil of violence has clouded peace
The mire of hatred has masked peace
Elusive is hence the search for peace
Evasive are our efforts for peace.
For peace's sake, should prevail peace
For global peace, should prevail peace
Yes, let's pray for peace, peace, peace
Let's appeal for peace, peace, peace.

Mankind should strive for peace
Know, we cannot survive without peace
A place of peace, a home of peace
A nation of peace, a world of peace
Every place should be an abode of peace
Peace should survive for universal peace
Humans, whole-heartedly should hug peace?

Yes, love is peace, trust is peace
Truce is peace, friendship is peace
Unfold your arms and embrace peace
Perpetual will be the warmth of peace
Infinite will be the delights of peace.
Yes, in search of perpetual world-peace
Let's pray for peace, peace, peace
Yes, for peace and prosperity,
Let's love peace and vie to live in peace.


Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy


2)  One Desire....


One desire

One starting point

All as one in a moment of agreement

Just one item on the human agenda

Just one point of conjecture

All humanity nodding

All humanity smiling

All humanity realising

That from this one first step

The next will come

And from that another one

And with each new in-step step we take

We make a connection with each other

In this vast yet defined world we live in

And that these steps will lead

One easier step at a time

To a place where we find each other as our-selves

To be just human

To be just us

To be who we are

Without all that has happened between birth and this moment

All the learning erased for a moment

All the religion un-beliefed for a moment

All the politics unleashed for a moment

All the anger released for a moment

All the memories eased for a moment

All visible difference

Life experiences



For a moment

That moment in time

Taken out of lives

Utilised for one single purpose

To find the question

The simplest of all

That we can answer

Yes to

As a whole


Not race

Humanity without a trace of what life has drawn

Etched upon its united face

So the question then is

What is

The question

…is it this?

Tina Louise   

3)  All God's Names             

What will I call you today, Lord?
Allah, Yahweh, Dios, Apollo, Indra, Holy Ghost?
What languages are you speaking today?

It is said that you are Creator and Linguist of all planets.
You speak Mandarin, Nahuatl, Sanskrit, Pharsi,
Latin, Arabic, and all 300 dialects in India.
For every culture--- a sacred language,
To speak ceremonies, formulas,
prayers to invoke you.

Certainly the Lord of the Universe is just as sacred
in Arabic as in English.
If we believe in your omnipresence,
Why can't we accept that the You is You, in everything,
Everywhere, in all times---with Moses, and Mohammed.

Surely you would have contacted someone in North America.
Why not Black Elk or Mormon Joseph Smith?
We say you are all-powerful, and yet,
We can't accept your sending a messenger
to any culture but our own.

In our superiority, we reject pantheists as primitive,
Those who feel your presence in the stars and oceans.
The Native American rites were so innately spiritual,
Honoring your presence in every blade of grass,
Yet we called them "pagan". 

Can't we all be part of "the Grand Old Religion,"
"The Chosen Few," or "the One True Church" in this larger sense? 
After all, our entire planet spins out from your finger.
Did you set the world in motion with one spark of astral fusion?
The big bang vibrates still as we blast through space.

Are we not linked tightly enough in our DNA
to be woven together as a blanket,
A sacred garment around the earth---
Parishes, conclaves, synagogues, minarets,
chuppas, stuppas, Eucharist, Kabah, Torah,
Calvary, Mount Ararat, Mount Sinai,
the Mound of the Rock, Mount Merou,
All the holy mountains of the earth?

We breathe in, "inspirer",
to pull in YOU, Espiritu,
to inspire ourselves with this cosmic energy,
Chi, prana, mana, this You.
Einstein says we are 98% empty space filled with
bubbles of energy. We can feel this energy is You.

So we reach out to thank you for having touched
All our cultures in such personal ways through time,
making each group feel like your special favorites.
We thank you for allowing us to know your names.

Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt  

4)  Is There a Dawn to Unfurl a New Vision?

Steadily, the days and years
Eclipse into annals of past layers,
Nature, bountiful and beautiful
Has become a skeleton, regretful.

Pollution and frequent wars
Have dismayed the planet with scars;
Endangering our own survival
With storms and quake turmoils.

Mother earth, our proud feature,
The abode of once abundant nature,
Constantly is pounded by all means
With the selfish approach of humans.

Vying with egoistic motives every day,
To gain from beneficial motives today,
Why are we bent upon to destroy ?
The very essence of nature's joy.

Let some wisdom prevail, O human !
Leave space to respire, with a vision.
Please think of our next generation
Lest, nature unfolds its desperation.


Surrounded by the buds of hopes
Aspiring to see them as flowers
I stroll in the garden of peace
To view the bouquet of delights.

I survived the stormy conflicts
I escaped the deserted streets
I cursed the war-torn woes
I clasped the battered hearts.

Everywhere I noticed some mourners
Everywhere I heard sobbing voices
Everywhere I saw starving people
Everywhere I saw corpses lay strewn

One voice, one thought and one hope
No doubt haunts quite often
Are we humans in the garb of inhumans
Or we humans on the verge of salvation

Yes, rarely we find a messenger of peace
Rarely we find a helping hand for the needy
In search for an answer, years eclipse
Is there a dawn to unfurl a new vision.

Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy 



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