A Holistic Common Sense Structure for the Liberation of All without War Through the New Foundation for the New World Vision

Humans * Animals * Environment * A Unity in Diversity Honoring the Truth of The Oneness  of All Life through Compassion, Humanity , Equality, Prosperity and Respect

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A New World in This Generation
 for the Next 7 Generations

The Planetization Structure, Blueprint and Plan Provides
 the New Coordinates and Scaffold to Change the World

Pointing our Sights Toward a Cosmic Consciousness of the Planet
The Ethereal Voice on this page is Connie Cook Smith's "Love is What We Are"

Unity in Diversity 

What We Create:  A Sacred Union

Where All Parts Converge and Emerge

Through a New Consciousness of Love



The Science of Unity  The Enquiry


            All God's Names             
Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt


What will I call you today, Lord?
Allah, Yahweh, Dios, Apollo, Indra, Holy Ghost?
What languages are you speaking today?

It is said that you are Creator and Linguist of all planets.
You speak Mandarin, Nahuatl, Sanskrit, Pharsi,
Latin, Arabic, and all 300 dialects in India.
For every culture--- a sacred language,
To speak ceremonies, formulas,
prayers to invoke you.

Certainly the Lord of the Universe is just as sacred
in Arabic as in English.
If we believe in your omnipresence,
Why can't we accept that the You is You, in everything,
Everywhere, in all times---with Moses, and Mohammed.

Surely you would have contacted someone in North America.
Why not Black Elk or Mormon Joseph Smith?
We say you are all-powerful, and yet,
We can't accept your sending a messenger
to any culture but our own.

In our superiority, we reject pantheists as primitive,
Those who feel your presence in the stars and oceans.
The Native American rites were so innately spiritual,
Honoring your presence in every blade of grass,
Yet we called them "pagan". 

Can't we all be part of "the Grand Old Religion,"
"The Chosen Few," or "the One True Church" in this larger sense? 
After all, our entire planet spins out from your finger.
Did you set the world in motion with one spark of astral fusion?
The big bang vibrates still as we blast through space.

Are we not linked tightly enough in our DNA
to be woven together as a blanket,
A sacred garment around the earth---
Parishes, conclaves, synagogues, minarets,
chuppas, stuppas, Eucharist, Kabah, Torah,
Calvary, Mount Ararat, Mount Sinai,
the Mound of the Rock, Mount Merou,
All the holy mountains of the earth?

We breathe in, "inspirer",
to pull in YOU, Espiritu,
to inspire ourselves with this cosmic energy,
Chi, prana, mana, this You.
Einstein says we are 98% empty space filled with
bubbles of energy. We can feel this energy is You.

So we reach out to thank you for having touched
All our cultures in such personal ways through time,
making each group feel like your special favorites.
We thank you for allowing us to know your names.



What we Find After the Enquiry:
Reality of Love


I have learned so much from God
That I can no longer call myself
a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew.

The Truth has shared so much of itself with me
that I can no longer call myself
a man, a woman, an angel
or even pure soul.

Love has befriended me so completely
It has turned to ash and freed me
of every concept and image
my mind has ever known.

* * *

--Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky in the book
The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master



What We Perceive
 and What We Feel



Your breath is a sacred clock, my dear--
Why not use it to keep time with God's Name?

And if your feet are ever mobile
Upon this ancient drum, the earth,
O do not let your precious movements
Come to naught.

Let your steps dance silently
To the rhythm of the Beloved's Name!

My fingers and my hands
Never move through empty space,
For there are
Invisible golden lute strings all around,
Sending Resplendent Chords
Throughout the Universe.

I hear the voice
Of every creature and plant,
Every world and sun and galaxy--
Singing the Beloved's Name!

I have awakened to find violin and cello,
Flute, harp, and trumpet,
Cymbal, bell and drum--
All within me!
From head to toe, every part of my body
Is chanting and clapping!

The beloved has made you
Such a luminous Man!

For with constant remembrance of God,
One's whole body will become
A Wonderful and Wild,
Holy Band!

--- Hafiz ---


The Assimilation of The Whole

**A Cosmic Consciousness**
 This is our True World

 When Awareness on Earth Perceives, Meets, Assimilates and Becomes One with the
 Awareness of
ALL  ("We are One", "God is One", "All is One"
 "The Human Race is One," "All Life is One") Precipitating
 "Heaven on Earth," i.e.
Equality * Joy * Prosperity * Justice * Peace * Happiness * Love * Learning
  * A Clean and Vibrant Earth * The Love, Nurturing and Protection of all our Species
  * Free Speech and Immense Positive Creativity from all Members of the Human Race then we have achieved an Expanded Consciousness of the Human Race at the Galactic Level






God is Love, Love is Spirit and Spirit is What We Are Unbounded and Unlimited
 in Nature through an Internal Moral Compass

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience" Deepak Chopra

"Know Thyself"  Ancient Greek Wisdom



And War No More




IMAGINE a planet-wide system built for PERPETUAL PEACE, and no longer for PERPETUAL WAR

PLANETIZATION is that system



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