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The Mega Criminal Corporation



Deadly Corporations and Their Pushers



The Silent War on the People of India

Arun Shrivastava CMC


"No bombs have been dropped in this war. Instead, the aggressors have chosen two weapons that kill silently, slowly. Those weapons are deliberate contamination of India’s seeds with genetically engineered organisms and radioactive contamination of around 400 million people in India. The aggressors are: the United States Government and the multinational seeds companies [chiefly Monsanto and its Indian partners]. Other Ag-biotech firms are not far behind." ...


"The United States Government, Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow, Bayer and a few others comprise a group that should rightly be called the mega criminal corporation; this one single group has the wherewithal to decimate world civilization as we have known and the process of decimation is on. That group includes Indian officials: without their support this war on Indians could not have taken place. Perhaps the same story of government officials colluding with these criminals has been repeated in nearly every country on planet earth."


"Forty years ago when my mother cooked basmati rice, a gentle aroma would pervade the entire home. Not any more. Under Green revolution rice slowly hybridized into a commodity and now produced in large mechanized farms with heavy doses of fertilizers and pesticides. Bayer CropScience, a German company, genetically modified rice seeds. This gene revolution genie is now out of the bottle and no one knows how many rice varieties are contaminated. No one really knows how much of this engineered poison has already entered our food chain. And that has happened without proper biosafety studies."

This Despicable Corporation Should be Dismantled Immediately


MONSANTO Killing Bio Diversity of Planet  

"A narrowly based industry has managed to impose a risky technology with short-term negatives and potentially dramatic downsides."


Why GMOs Will Only Make Global Food Crisis Worse


Hawaii Moves To Ban Aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal, Etc)
Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum


Efforts continue to ban this deadly excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that is addicting the public and triggering so many symptoms and diseases from MS and lupus and seizures to Parkinson's, diabetes and obesity and even blindness and death. An aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, explains how Don Rumsfeld got this marketed when the FDA said no. Masquerading as an additive it's a deadly drug that interacts with other drugs and vaccines.”….  


"These New Mexico bills were overwhelmed and eviscerated in New Mexico by some of the most vicious corporate lobbyists I have ever encountered, representing Ajinomoto of Japan, the world's largest aspartame and MSG manufacturer, as well as their duped American corporate henchmen/colleagues who use massive amounts of Aspartame, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Altria/Kraft Corporate services, and others. The same lobbyists will show up in Honolulu, make no mistake...



America The World's Arms Pusher

Frida Berrigan

No one is paying much attention to it, but our top export is the deadliest.


"HERE'S THE strange thing, though: This genuine, gold-medal manufacturing-and-sales job on weapons simply never gets the attention it deserves. As a result, most Americans have no idea how proud they should be of our weapons manufacturers and the Pentagon — essentially our global sales force. They make sure our weapons travel the planet and regularly demonstrate their value in small wars from Latin America to Central Asia.


"Even when there is coverage, the inside-the-fold, fact-heavy, wonky news stories on the arms trade, however useful, can't possibly convey the feel of a business that has always preferred the shadows to the sun. The connection between the factory that makes a weapons system and the community where that weapon "does its duty" is invariably missing in action, as are the relationships among the companies making the weapons and the generals (on-duty and retired) and politicians making the deals, or raking in their own cuts of the profits for themselves and/or their constituencies. In other words, our most successful (and most deadly) export remains our most invisible one. ...


"Maybe the only way to break through this paralysis of analysis would be to stop talking about weapons sales as a trade and the export of precision-guided missiles as if they were so many widgets. Maybe we need to start thinking about them in another language entirely — the language of drugs.

"After all, what does a drug dealer do? He creates a need and then fills it. He encourages an appetite or (even more lucratively) an addiction and then feeds it.

"Arms dealers do the same thing. They suggest to foreign officials that their military just might need a slight upgrade. After all, they'll point out, haven't you noticed that your neighbor just upgraded in jets, submarines and tanks? And didn't you guys fight a war a few years back? Doesn't that make you feel insecure? And why feel insecure for another moment when, for just a few billion bucks, we'll get you suited up with the latest model military, even better than what we sold them — or you the last time around.

"Why do officials in Turkey, which already has 215 fighter planes, need 100 extras in an even higher-tech version? They don't, but
Lockheed Martin, working with the Pentagon, made them think they did."


War on Terror, Inc "All The Money You Make Will Never Buy Back Your Soul"  
Ron Jacobs


"Of course, this is exactly what KBR [Kellogg, Brown and Root] wants to do. After all, this corporation and most other companies involved in what is euphemistically called contracting in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and “homeland security” are much more interested in making money than they are in being fair or even patriotic. The bounty provided by what London and DC term the “war on terror” has moved the money grubbing of these corporations to an even higher level of greed. The executives of these companies are not interested in seeing this war end. If it did, then they would lose the gravy train it has become."


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