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Speculations on the Nature of Evil

by Connie Cook Smith

May 14, 2008


I realize that activists in progressive political and religious movements tend to believe there are no evil souls. My own personal belief is that the eternal essence of a person is the purest energy. 


However, the widespread mental and emotional failure of our population to recognize the reality and the dynamics of human beings who choose to be evil is, in my opinion, exactly how evil is prevailing so disastrously. 


This failure to understand and recognize the evil-doers right in our midst allows them to run rampant and triumphant.  And the reluctance of our citizenry to comprehend this is -- at very least -- driving our once-vibrant middle-class into poverty and despair.  At most, it is ruining all of our nation for all of posterity, and wrecking the world as well.


I earnestly believe the only way to stop an accelerating slide into the death of the USA and the deterioration of our planet is to bravely face the reality, presence, and machinations of evil people among us -- and to turn to the helpful awareness and action that "we really do have them outnumbered!"


First, these necessary realizations.  (Please think of any individuals or leaders you know who are like this -- maybe a sicko in your family or a psycho who is a leader.)


  •  Evil craves power over others, to provide it a sense of superiority.

         Evil overtly uses others, for its own security.

         Evil enjoys hurting others. The desire and the power to hurt others is a thrill to Evil.

         (Harming includes everything from teasing, controlling, torturing, and of course, killing.)

         Good, by contrast, feels that harming others is repulsive and wrong.

         Evil has an aggressive agenda, enjoys planning/manipulating to get what it wants from others, or over others.

         Evil pretends to look good in order to get what it wants, and therefore tells chronic lies.

         Evil makes you doubt Good people in your life, in order to reduce the protection around you.

         Evil pretends to do good, pretends to embrace good causes, socially. Evil pretends to help you, personally.

         But privately, Evil enjoys sabotaging individuals and causes, behind everyone's back.


Too many people are apparently still too comfortable and therefore don't comprehend mass suffering. Thus they don't bother to reflect upon and come to understand all the Evil that's often behind it.  Indeed, Good's fatal flaw is the failure to grasp Evil's enjoyment of doing harm and causing pain.


Thus, Evil has been free to rise to the top of our governments, corporations, military, religions, and many other institutions, as Good -- good people -- naively fail to acknowledge what's really going on and "wonder why everything's gone wrong."


All the lack of earthly progress -- especially all reversals -- of peace, prosperity, healthcare, clean/advanced technology, and universal brotherly love are most often caused by evil persons' deliberate delight at asserting power over others -- and provoking, disrupting, misinforming, assassinating, and otherwise blocking all fronts of human happiness -- for all but themselves and their allies.


Evil people's tiny brains and shriveled hearts -- unfortunately, many of our leaders nowadays -- secretly delight in profiting from bloodshed, chaos, inequality, injustice, disease, poverty, and despair for humanity -- while they enjoy wealth, privilege, safety, freedom, and deeply perverted "fun" for themselves.  This paragraph painfully describes our suffering world today.


While these tendencies have always been present on a smaller scale, evil was well on its way to global organization in the previous century.  A glimpse of its progress among evil Americans resides in a memo from the U.S. ambassador to Berlin prior to WWII.  William E. Dodd wrote in 1937:


"A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government, and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. They extended financial aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there."

American ruling families supporting fascism?  Assisting "the bad guys"?  Indeed -- as only one example of American Nazi support, it surfaced briefly in the media on October 17, 2003 that George W. Bush's grandfather had his assets seized by Congress on October 20, 1942, due to his decade of money-laundering for Hitler.


Prescott Bush and his Union Banking partners were gung-ho for Adolf, helping to fund Nazi uniforms, arms, and even fuel for their planes. As Ambassador Dodd observed, there were actually a number of American ruling families who outright admired the "superior" Master Race idea and corporate control of society, and they frankly hoped this elitist-traitorous agenda would take hold in America. 


They actually attempted a coup, a takeover of FDR and the White House, in the early 1930's.  But it failed when the military leader they chose strung them along to determine the plot, then reported and exposed them.  Most of their names -- these "American ruling families" -- were kept out of the media (and they were not hanged for treason!) in exchange for their agreement to stop obstructing legislation for programs such as Social Security for the elderly, the poor, and the sick. Their identities do appear, however, in the 1973 book, now re-issued: "The Plot to Seize the White House."


Copious evidence further indicates these evil ones' and their "proud descendants" have given shadow support for, and have experienced benefits from, the assassinations of key anti-war figures -- JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, and others.  This is only logical since such fervent peace and pro-humanity leaders directly threaten the evil ones' domination of our world via war, deprivation, and chaos.


And the general-public's failure to grasp the nature of evil further explains why most of the American population still cannot, and will not, comprehend the copious and obvious evidence of September 11th -- that the attacks were planned and carried out by traitors high in our government -- that they did this


1) in order to frame Muslims and thereby justify controlling the Middle East through illegal invasions and brutal war --


and 2) in order to consolidate and advance their crimes in America by means of destroyed records at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center -- plus their post-9/11 "law-making" that ultimately erases the people-protections of the U.S. Constitution. 


If we want to honor the souls who so suddenly perished or were grievously injured on 9/11 -- if we want to stop the world going down a darker and ever-darker path -- we need to responsibly wake up to the Truth that a few foreign hijackers could not possibly override every fail-safe within the United States' multi-billion-dollar state-of-the-art defense system -- unless evil men and women at high levels cleared the way and ensured that could happen.


At least now, more and more experts and professionals from the fields of aviation, military, government, engineering, law enforcement, and academia have looked at the evidence and decided "the story we've been told" about what happened that day lacks credibility on all fronts. 


But even though we far outnumber them, we are clueless about what to do until we identify them.  And we can't  identify them until we see that most of the horrible acts, policies, and problems today come not from inexplicable conditions -- but from their high-profile promulgators who actually enjoy and directly profit from human suffering. 


Then I think we'll know what to do...!

# # #


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